Winter Solstice 2012

The winter solstice was beautiful. Sadly I did not feel so great inside, but we spent the morning in a park by the water. We just stood there, my husband and I, perceiving nature as the day begun. The world was covered in mist, and at one point everything bore a tint of pale blue.

Solstice 2012 2There were mountains all around us so we missed the actual sunrise, but my favorite part was to spend time just looking at things. When we got too cold and decided to head back, we could see the sunlight shining on the mountain behind us. These months the sun hardly touches the town I live in. Only a lucky few who live on the right side of the mountain gets to feel the sun’s rays in winter. Living in Norway sure makes me long for the return of the light.

Solstice 2012 3

At night I went for a long walk under a clear sky. I don’t often do this as I tend to worry about what might be lurking in the dark, but this time I felt no fear. It was so beautiful to watch the stars and remember what I’ve been told about them. There is so much magic hidden up there.

Solstice 2012 5


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