Spring Equinox 2012

Life is interesting. Nothing seems a coincidence.  Shortly before the Spring Equinox I got sick and could hardly eat anything for a while. It was an unwilling fast but it felt like it cleansed me of a lot of things and it just seemed fitting for spring.

To be honest I did not look forward to the preparations for the ceremony. I have certain fears and insecurities that jump out whenever I have to do tasks that I’m not already good at, and at first I did not feel like facing them. But looking back I realize that the tasks were quite pleasant and my fears had no reason for being there. Nothing bad happened. Sure there was a lot to do that resulted in long nights, but I did not mind that. The only thing that made it hard was my own inner states.

The ceremony was stunning. We drove to  the location in the middle of the night and the sky was dark and heavy with clouds. Again this seemed quite fitting for the time of mourning that takes place before sunrise, and as we got closer to the park stars began to appear between the clouds.  By the time we reached our destination the sky was full of stars and a friend of mine commented that it seemed as though you could reach up and touch them. Living in the city I sometimes forget how spectacular the night sky can be.

We put on our robes in the increasing light and just before starting the ceremony we noted some strange pink clouds in the shape of a cross. Perhaps a coincidence. Or perhaps a gift from the gods!

It was amazing to watch the sunrise and to see Anubis standing there like an ancient guardian. I also loved the mantra we were singing and it has become a new favorite because of its beauty. We stayed there chanting for some time, watching the sun rise higher in the sky and seeing the lake before us fill with black ducks. I wish I could get up at dawn every day to experience the world waking up all around me.

We stayed at the park for several hours and I felt I learned so much from everyone. I also enjoyed taking in the beauty of nature, the smell of the trees and how wonderful the lake glittered in the sunlight. I swear my spirit feeds itself on beauty and magic.

By the time I got back into the car I felt tired and my body ached, I even had a sunburn but I also felt deeply inspired. I just wanted to reflect upon everything that had happened, to take it all in and to write down what I had learned. All these sacred ceremonies I’ve been part of has started something new in my life. I feel it again with the Spring Equinox. Something new needs to take place and I hope I can follow the guidance I’m receiving. I hope I have the strength to keep going all the way to the Summer Solstice.

I feel so blessed to be able to be part of these rituals. They feel truly magical and a way to connect to the stars and timeless teachings.

Below is a video from a ceremony by the lovely people at the Mystic Retreat Center. I hope to post the video from the ceremony I took part in soon.

UPDATE: Here is the video from the ceremony I was blessed enough to be part of. It is a beautiful video and I enjoy watching it over and over again.


3 thoughts on “Spring Equinox 2012

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely experience. I can relate to the feeling that something new needs to take place. Praying for strength as well.

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