Winter Solstice

In the middle of the night on December 22 I slipped out of bed, got dressed and drove with my husband to a park far away. It was a clear and quiet night. The road was almost empty and when looking out the window I could see the stars shining brightly in the dark sky. We were on our way to attend the ceremony for the winter solstice. 

The people participating in the ceremony had worked very hard for several days to get everything ready. I remember telling my husband that it felt like descending into chaos, both internally and externally. I was struggling with a lot of feelings that I tried to understand and overcome, and looking back I only hope that I can act differently for the Spring Equinox.

The park we arrived at was near the water, the stars shone even clearer there and the air was crisp and cold. I especially found the moon fascinating as it had a white ring around it, and I admired the frost covered ground as I don’t often see that here in California. We spent some time setting everything up while trying to stay warm, and as we were putting on our robes the sky was already getting brighter. We hurried into positions and began the ceremony just before dawn.

I remember the sunrise very well. The sun looking like a ball of fire coming out of the water. I felt torn between gazing at the sun or concentrate on what was happening in the ceremony.

There was something very magical about this day. I had been wanting to celebrate the winter solstice for as long as I can remember but I never knew how. Sometimes I wonder if in past lives I used to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes since I’ve always been drawn to them. I could never quite make sense of my longing to connect with the seasons, earth and stars until now. It seems to me that the whole world and universe is one big spiritual teaching and I want to connect to it.

It was especially after the ceremony that I became aware of the magic all around me. The light was a beautiful gold on the trees and grass, and the birds were chirping (and quacking) happily. But there was just something in the air. I can’t put it into words, but there was a special energy to this day that filled me up and gave me some peace even though I was struggling with my usual heavy emotions. I wanted to stay and soak it in forever but we had to go back, and I dozed off in the car while floating in this wonderful feeling of the solstice.

Here is a beautiful video I found on youtube. Peace be with you.

UPDATE: Here is the video of the ceremony.